How to make your device safe from cyber attack.

Vast increase of technology makes our life easy and simple. So that we embrace the technology very easily. We fully dependent on technology. But one thing we are forgetting about the security of our personal information and device, what if somebody steal our identity and all personal details? And use it a wrong way. So that we should do all possible way to keep our self’s secure and safe from theft.

Each day much attack done on internet. And data leaking also occurred so much on running days. According the recent research over 500,000 ZOOM account hacked in between coronavirus epidemic and sell it free and cheaper price to other. So, security is the essential part of the use of technology.

To protect your data and information you should follow the cyber security tips.

Now you would think, what is cyber security and how it will help us so, here is the answer.

So cyber security is the process of protect your information from cyber-attack who are aiming to damage your devices, system, processes, steal your data. In the other way we can say it as a type of security in technology.

Here is some point to follow to save yourself from cyber-attack.

Do important work on your own device.

Do not do important work on another’s device like where you have to give your important credential. Try to use your own device when you do important work and always alert when anybody access your device remotely.

Make your application update.

When your application run out of date, make it up to date. When you use old version of application there might be some weakness on the application through which an attacker can compromise your device or do harm to you.

If you use supported application it will improve your device speed and performance and when you use some unsupported application so you must use some antivirus application to prevent from malicious attack.

Always try to use latest version of application and set your device to update application automatically when new updates will come.

Always update your anti-virus.

Make sure you are updating your antivirus otherwise small version of virus or malware can affect your device and lost your data.

Password should be strong.

Make sure whatever password your using should not be guess. It should be best if you use alpha numeric otherwise try to use some random value on your password. Try not to use your name, pet’s name or guessable from your social networking site.

And try to use separate password for each and every site if any way attacker find/guess your password from one site, then he can’t use this password on to other site.

Avoid suspicious email and attachment links.

Now a day’s email is the best way to build relation in corporate as well as personal so attacker can send malicious link and attachment to you, and when you click on that that link moves you to some malicious site, so it’s better to delete that email and don’t open any attachment.

Think before clicking any link.

When you are getting link to click so be aware about the sender and then proceed otherwise it may do harm on your device in different way.

Back up your data before affect.

All ways try to store your data on cloud or any physical server because if the attacker not only steal but also some times they encrypt your data which is not readable format. So further you can restore your data.

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