Welcome to the world of content writing.

Content is the description of products and services, your stories, your company which is powered by words, images, videos and info-graphics.

  So now content writing is writing about the things or goal with your own idea, expression, thought etc. And this content writing is closely related to web marketing. This means creating the writing which appears on websites that are designed to sell or promote a specific product.

For a website below is the types of content we generally use.

          1.Website pages content writing (Home page, about us page, contact us page, and more)

           2.Blog writing (creative writing v/s seo blogging)

           3.Ad copy writing (google ds, fb and insta Ads, Banner creation, Landing page etc)

           4.E-commerce website writing


                                    Why is content writing being essential?

For Business owners:

     Your customers can relate better with your products.

    To generate leads.

     For business owners, content writing plays a crucial role to set up your business and also it also helps you to generate lots of awareness about your product and services which will help you get the leads to your business.

For marketing and sales professions:

     You can gain better and qualified leads and traction

    It increases your ability to sell anything.

    As communication is a major essential part of your business when your content is strong, it will help you to get lots of repo with your customer, which will build trust with your customers to switch your product and also it will help your selling skills.

For casual Blogger:

     It helps you to share your thoughts and stories

     It can help you make a living out of passion

      For casual bloggers it becomes essential because it becomes easy through your content writing, you can express your thoughts, your stories. So, for casual blogger content writing is suggested.

                                    Most important element of content


Vocabulary (English, Hindi, Odia)

Real life examples.

A storytelling skill which will eventually come

Video editing skills (optional)- for vlogs

With the help of image anybody can have better understanding,

For vocabulary, you can choose any language as per your choice.

Real life examples are mandatory, because lots of people will compare with it and there is lots of chance that visitors will like it.

If you are new then try to learn video editing is optional but you have to know a little bit about editing.

Website pages writing contains four major part given below.

1.       Home page

2.       About us

3.       Contact us      

4.       Other pages

        website is the way of post content of your product and services, it is a way of advertising your product and services. Website as a value of your brand and content is the life and soul of your website.

If you see good content inside of a website and the images are good then visitors will get to interact with the websites.

Audience will try to choose the product and services.

   Home page is where the customer or audience will tells about what your website consists of, it’s about your travels or food. Just write a basic introduction that consists of and also try to add images because it speaks more than thousand words. One image that is relevant to your website.

Home page has approximately 300 to 400 words.

within the first 3 seconds the visitor must know what your website is all about.

Within the first 6 seconds the visitor must know 3-4 of your main services.

Within the first 12 second the visitor must be given 3-6 reasons to buy the product or services from you.

For this reason, you should work a little bit more for your home page because that is the starting page where the customer or the client have the first option for the brand so make it clear. Few points are important, make sure the audience or visitor should know what you are the website is all about so make sure to mention what the product or services are all about. Within 3 sec visitors or customers will make out.

If you are a travel blogger, post a few pictures with short content so visitors should know that you are a travel blogger and don’t confuse the visitors.

So, within the first 6 sec visitors must know the 3 to 4 main services you provide and what good you are in this field.

Within the first 12 sec the visitor must be given 3-6 reasons to buy the product from you so for this reason provide the reason why your product and services is good and why they should buy and how it helps them etc.

And also provide some banners or images in this because it helps to increase the interest of visitors to look more on your websites.

A small about us paragraph (read more gets redirected to about us page)

Use icon box to list your services / latest products (read more gets redirected to services or product page)

Use icon box to list minimum 3 to buy from you (guarantee, product quality, support etc)

Use social proof (client testimonials)

Always end with a CTA-call to action (call us Now, Free E-Book Download, Free Audit, Free Consultation)

Keep the language simple so everyone can understand. Use creativity, emotion, real life examples in your writing.

         Then come to about us page is about history of your company or about yourself like what experience you hold and accomplishment in that or about the company, how long has it serving the market,

        The About us page should have approximately 400 to 600 words.

Tell people a story and not just what you do. Give background on how it started and where you aim to reach.

Start with a crisp and very short introduction (50-80 words) and don’t be more elaborate. Means 2-3 lines about you and your company.

Make sure your mission and vision statement clear so that people should know how serious your business is about it.

Mention the company timeline (year wise).

Team (3 to 6 positions)- if the list is huge, this can be a separate page as well.

No of clients / Top clients-if the list is huge, this can be a separate page as well.

Don’t show your products / services on this page, consider having a separate page for it

Always end with a connecting statement like “we/I help you achieve your business goal.

         Next is contact us page in which put the form so that the customer will put the query and any doubts and also contact you. Sometimes in contact us pages you can put your fb page or WhatsApp group or social media site so the customer will go and touch you.

Contact us page should have approximately 100 to 150 words

Keep it as simple as possible.

A contact form with relevant fields (Don’t add too many fields and make it 600*600 i.e., ½ section Email, support number and a google map in the other half.

Consider adding an option of connecting on social media- Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, WhatsApp etc.

In other pages you will put all posts and other related contents.


Privacy policy

Terms and conditions

Shipping policy

e-book and landing pages

Blog writing consist of four parts given below:

1.       Seo content

2.       Creative writing

3.       Technical content

4.       Thought leadership

      Blog writing is nothing but the writing of something in which you have interest. Either for your website or other website.

          Seo content is the choice of a specific word you use on your content; it will actually let people choose your website that others. Because it will specifically focus on the customer’s choice

Let’s have an example if you have a red color shoo then when people will search this shoo then your website will come then they will choose your website.

Seo blogging helps your blogs to rank on google.

Affiliate commission can be made.

Keyword research is required.

Takes 3 to 6 months to rank.

On page and off page optimization required.

Tools required for keyword research are Uber suggest, answer the public, google trends.

Creative writing is little bit ahead of seo content because it consists of emotion factor, lots of thought process, feelings that involve in the content, so that you can create better in your content writing.

This is to display the imagination of writers who display imagination, creativity in writing.

You are not worried about ranking the blogs on search engines.

Keyword density and other factors are not considered.

Usually traffic is driven via social media and personal branding.

Tools required: Quora, WordPress, blogger.

Technical content writing:

         Technical writing is for who is specialized on that subject and have depth knowledge on that topic. So technical writing is come from any educational field or technical field.

This is the creation of technical documents like journalism, articles etc.

This is not easy for everyone.

This is the specialization of some particular view.

 Whitepapers, research papers, industry projections etc.

Usually content is around 2000 to 6000 words.

Subject matter expertise is required.

Eg: white paper on crypto in india

Usually digital marketers don’t opt for technical content writing

Thought leadership:

Thought leader is like an author who influences others in the way of writing. And gives an opinion on the particular topic. 

This will give you an advantage in long term

Content is more of storytelling and you are trying to build authority, trust and confidence

People look upon you as a leader in general or leader of a domain

Top executives, entrepreneurs focus on thought leadership

Persuasive writing/ Ad copywriting:

In this writing extra creativity in writing and also involves lots of advertising and publicity in writing, so that people immediately buy your product or services. This could be in the form of landing page and how innovative your landing pages, and ads banner in Instagram and Facebook and lots of google advertising copy or tagline.

An advertising copy is a term used to describe the main text used in the advertisement. The text could be a dialogue, a catchy punch line or a company’s dictum

Sales driven writing in which you want people to take action after reading it.

A very useful skill for running a pain campaign.

Used in:

Landing pages    

Fb and Instagram ads

Google ads

Campaign Taglines

e-commerce writing:

It is the online store that you will see on the websites and writing about the product and services and this includes a lot of product description guidelines of the product and how the product stands out from other products on the market.

writing on e-commerce websites like flipkart, mintra etc.

If you want products to rank on google then you have seo e-com writing.

You must know seo.

If you will drive paid traffic to the product page then persuasive e-com writing.

An extension of copywriting, however used more in descriptive products.

You must know schema and technical seo to get e-com writing.


People have started consuming video content a lot.

Animated Videos-jump to render forest, create 3D animation video.

White board Anim- jump to video scribe, create a white board, animation video.

Self-shoot videos- record a video of yourself speaking and use it in shot to edit it.

Screen recording- use, or zoom to record screen and audio as well.

consider you own one of the below websites and perform as well

 digital marketing agency

 freelance makeup artist

 freelancer travel / food blogger

 interior designing company

 A textile manufacturing company

 your own business

Thanks & Regards

Manoj Kumar Pradhan

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